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From Ben Yosef | Publisher


There is a dirty little secret within the competition world. To many of us it’s more like a dirty BIG secret. And that secret is the ramped use of illegal performance enhancing drugs within the sport. The primary drug types are steroids and pharmaceutical-grade diuretics. These drugs are being used within every division of competition; from Bikini to Bodybuilding.

My commitment to celebrating and promoting only drug-tested athletes, contests, and federations is more than just an attempt to keep the playing field level. More importantly it is to protect and promote TRUE health & fitness. Of course, there is no way that anyone except for the individual can know for sure if they are drug-fee athletes or not. However, we must do what is in our power to keep things clean. Any federation that does not make a serious attempt (or worse – no attempt at all) to keep their athletes off drugs is, in my eyes, simply unacceptable.

Celebrating natural, drug-tested physique athletes.

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