What Would Happen If A Mutation Created A New Allele That Decreased Fitness? (Correct answer)

What would happen if a mutation resulted in the creation of a new allele that had a negative effect on fitness? The new allele would have a negative effect on the fitness of the individual who carried it, resulting in that individual having few or no children.
In the event that a mutation occurs in one’s DNA, what happens?

  • It is possible for changes in the DNA sequence of a gene to cause changes in the protein the gene codes for. Only mutations in germ cells (eggs or sperm) have the potential to be passed on to children. The mutations that pupils produce are as random as they are in real life. There will be some variance in the amino acid sequence that is produced.


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What happens when a population of organisms is evolving what can you be sure is happening quizlet?

In a community of organisms, there exist random fluctuations in their characteristics. The presence of some variances in the environment may provide an advantage to particular species in terms of survival and reproduction if the environment changes. They will pass on their genes to their kids, resulting in a rise in the prevalence of such characteristics in subsequent generations.

Why might a trait make an organism less likely to survive and reproduce in a different environment?

What would happen to an allele for a characteristic if that trait rendered an organism less likely to live and reproduce, and what would happen to the trait itself? Fewer copies of the allele would be passed on to future generations, and the allele may possibly be eliminated entirely from the gene pool.

What results after a speciation event?

What happens as a result of a speciation event? During the evolution of one new species, the original species may remain the same or develop into something completely different.

What traits increase fitness in a particular environment quizlet?

Individual characteristics that improve a person’s relative fitness in a given environment are referred to as adaptations. In the sense that individuals who possess certain adaptations survive and pass on children to the next generation, these adaptations are said to have been “naturally chosen.”

What happens when a population of an organism is evolving?

Evolution is a process that results in changes in the genetic material of a population through time as a result of selection on that genetic material. Evolution is the process by which organisms adapt to their changing circumstances, and it can result in changed genes, unique features, and the emergence of new species.

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How does evolution affect the population?

Population variation may be influenced by evolution in a number of ways: stabilizing selection, directional selection, diversifying selection, frequency-dependent selection, and sexual selection are just a few examples.

What would be the implications if organisms did not evolve or adapt to their environment?

However, if environmental conditions change faster than a species’ ability to adapt, and if members of that species lack the characteristics necessary to thrive in the new environment, the most likely outcome will be extinction.

Why might a trait make an organism less likely to survive and reproduce in a different environment quizlet?

What may be the cause of a characteristic that makes an organism less likely to survive and reproduce in a new environment? Because adaptations are specific to a certain environment, fitness declines when introduced to a new environment.

How does species diversity relate to adaptation and eventually survival in changing environments?

What may be the cause of a characteristic that makes an organism less likely to survive and reproduce in a different setting? Because adaptations are specific to a certain context, fitness drops when one is placed in a different situation.

Why speciation happens how speciation affects biological diversity?

It is the process by which one group of individuals of a species departs from the rest of the species and develops its own distinct features that are called speciation. Whether it is the needs of a different habitat or the traits of the members of the new group, the new species will be distinguishable from their progenitors in many ways.

How does speciation affect biological diversity?

Specification is the ultimate source of new species, just as mutation is the ultimate source of genetic diversity within a given population (and extinction is analogous to loss of alleles). As a result, inequities in the rates of speciation are expected to play a role in the evolution of large-scale biodiversity patterns.

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How does speciation affect evolution?

The emergence of new and unique species over the process of evolution is referred to as speciation. It is the breaking of a single evolutionary lineage into two or more genetically separate lineages that is referred to as speciation.

What happens to favorable variations what happens to unfavorable variations?

Natural selection has the effect of increasing the frequency of beneficial inherited variants in a population through time, while decreasing the frequency of unfavorable inherited variations in a population.

What is the relationship between adaptation and fitness?

Biological fitness, which determines the pace of evolution as measured by changes in gene frequencies, is correlated with adaptive capacity. A common occurrence is when two or more species co-adapt and co-evolve as they acquire adaptations that interlock with those of the other species, as is the case with flowering plants and pollinating insects, among other things.

How does biological fitness relate to an organism’s ability to survive and reproduce quizlet?

What is the relationship between an animal’s degree of fitness and its chances of survival and reproduction? The greater an animal’s degree of fitness in a certain habitat, the greater its chances of surviving and reproducing in that environment.

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