What Time Does Blink Fitness Close? (Question)

  • It is important to note that while specifics may vary depending on location, the general operating hours for Blink Fitness gyms are as follows: Monday through Thursday: 5 a.m–11 p.m. Friday: 5 a.m.–10 p.m.
  • Saturday: 5 a.m.–10 p.m.

What happens if you don’t pay Blink Fitness?

In a nutshell, sure. If you fail to pay your gym membership payments on time, your account may be placed in collections, which would leave a significant bad record on your credit report. A gym subscription is no different than any other recurrent expense.

How do I contact Blink Fitness?

Please contact us at 781-332-5465.

Can a 15 year old go to blink fitness?

The Gathering of Personal Information from Children. Individuals who are at least 18 years of age are eligible to join Blink as a subscriber. Teenagers who are at least 14 years old (16 years old in California) and have valid parental approval are also welcome to join us.

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Can I call to cancel blink membership?

In the event that you have any queries regarding how to compute your cancellation payment or your refund, please contact Blink Member Services via email at [email protected]

Does Blink Fitness provide towels?

Blink Fitness’s Twitter handle is: “@Danichizz, thank you for your comment. Please accept my apologies! If you forget your towels again, we do have more available for purchase at the front desk.” Twitter is a social media platform that allows people to communicate with one another.

Why is it so hard to cancel a gym membership?

The attorney David Reischer, Esq. believes that gym memberships are famously difficult to cancel since most gyms do not want to enable people to cancel their contracts once they discover the amount of effort and dedication required to become healthy. When signing a contract, it’s critical to read the entire document thoroughly.

Can a 16 year old go to blink fitness?

The attorney David Reischer, Esq. believes that gym memberships are notoriously difficult to cancel because most gyms do not want customers to be able to cancel their contracts once they discover how much hard work and dedication it takes to become in shape. When signing a contract, it is critical to thoroughly understand it.

Can my blink guest go without me?

When visiting Blink, you are welcome to come as frequently as you wish, but as her guest, you must be attended at all times.

Do you have to wear a mask at blink?

At all times, all Blink employees will be required to wear masks. Non-vaccinated members are expected to wear an approved mask that covers their nose and mouth at all times while in the gym, in accordance with CDC and local rules. At all times, all Blink employees will be required to wear masks.

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Can a 14 year old go to the gym?

Yes, but only under the supervision of an adult. If a 14-year-old is an athlete, going to the gym is a particularly fantastic idea for them. A 14-year-old should only go to the gym under the supervision of an adult or with the assistance of a personal trainer. Many gyms do not allow anyone under the age of 16 to work out unless they are accompanied by an adult at all times.

How old does my guest have to be at blink?

Hello, Stephanie. No, our policy is that members must be 16 or older, and guests must be 18 or older. Please send us a direct message and we’ll be happy to help!

How old do you have to be to go to Planet Fitness?

Members between the ages of 13 and 14 are required to be accompanied by a parent or adult when exercising. Members between the ages of 15 and 17 must have a signed waiver from a parent or guardian on file in order to participate. Important: Unless they are accompanying their parent or guardian, guests using the PF Black Card® must be at least 18 years old and in possession of an acceptable photo ID.

How do I freeze my blink membership?

By contacting Blink customer service at 800-256-1953, you will be able to cancel your membership. They respond to your cancellation request in the shortest amount of time possible and supply you with all of the relevant information regarding your membership plans.

Does Blink have an annual fee?

What is the cost of Blink’s annual subscription? A yearly maintenance fee of $54.99 per individual is charged each year.

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Can you cancel gym membership online?

Membership cancellations cannot be made over the phone, on the Planet Fitness website, or even by email. There are just two formal choices available to you: visiting in person or mailing a letter.

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