What Rhymes With Fitness? (Solution found)

Word Rhyme rating Categories
witness 100 Noun, Verb
unfitness 100 Noun
litmus 96 Noun
business 92 Noun


  • Words and phrases that rhyme with the word “fitness” include: (There are 14 results) fitnesse, witness, and witness’ are all two-syllable words. syllables: bear testimony, ear-witness, earwitness, eye-witness, eyewitness, false witness, i-witness, unfitness to bear witness Preteritness is a four-syllable word. carrying forth false testimony, being a Jehovah’s witness are both 5 syllable words.

What are the 5 rhyming words?

List of Rhyming Words

  • It’s all about the cats and bats.
  • Ball is about to fall, and it’s all about the height.
  • Right is about to kite height, and it’s all about the height.
  • Owl is about to growl, and it’s all about the height.
  • Bore is about to growl, and it’s all about the height.
  • One is about to win, and it’s all about the height.

What is the synonym of fit?

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Proper Fit Some frequent synonyms for fitting include appropriate, apt, felicitous, fit, joyful, meet, proper, and suited. For more information, see the definition at fitting. While all of these phrases mean “appropriate in relation to some aim, necessity, use, or condition,” fitting refers to a sense of harmony in one’s emotions or tone.

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