How To Set Up Lintelek Fitness Tracker? (TOP 5 Tips)

When and where are lintelek fitness trackers manufactured?

  • Manual for the Lintelek Fitness Tracker [ID115Plus] The FC RoHS REACH standard was developed by Shanghai Yishun Industry Co.,ltd Lintelek Fitness Tracker ID115Plus Color HR User Manual (Manufactured in China). NOT A CHILD’S TOY: Children under the age of 14 should only use this product under the supervision of an adult.

How do I setup my Lintelek fitness tracker?

Using a Lintelek Fitness Tracker: Setup Instructions

  1. Remove the fitness tracker’s face from the band in order to reveal the USB port on the back. Extend the bottom portion of your watchband down and away from the watch face. Pull the watch face all the way down and away from the top band. Connect the USB cable to the USB port on your computer.

How do I connect my Lintelek fitness tracker to my phone?

How to Sync a Lintelek Fitness Tracker with a Smartphone

  1. Install the VeryFitPro app from your mobile device’s app store or marketplace by searching for it there. After that, the VeryFitPro app will begin the process of looking for your Lintelek device. To finish the pairing procedure, follow the on-screen directions.
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How do you set the time on a fitness tracker?

Set the time and date on your watch.

  1. If the screen is faint, touch it to bring the watch back to life. Using a downward swipe from the top of the screen, choose Settings. If you are unable to locate it immediately, swipe left. Select System Date & Time from the drop-down menu. Select your time zone preferences.

Does Lintelek fitness tracker work with iPhone?

Track your fitness with the Lintelek Fitness Tracker. Compatible with both Android and IOS devices It is possible to wirelessly link the Lintelek fitness tracker for sale to an Android or an iOS smartphone in order to track data over lengthy periods of time. Because the Lintelek fitness tracker supports 14 sports models, you won’t have to carry about your smartphone, which is a significant weight savings.

How do I reset my Lintelek fitness tracker?

1 Reset your Lintelek fitness tracker to its factory settings.

  1. Activate the VeryFitPro app
  2. Select User
  3. Select System Settings
  4. Select Restart Device.

How do I use Lintelek Bluetooth?

Connecting the Device

  1. Before connecting the device, make sure Bluetooth is enabled. Open the “VeryFitPro” APP on your smartphone and select “Device”-“Bind device,” after which your smartphone begins looking for compatible devices. To connect the gadget to your smartphone, choose “ID115Plus Color HR” from the list of discovered devices and then press on “ID115Plus Color HR.”

Why wont my VeryFitPro connect?

Unbinding the device (go to Device from the VeryFitPro home page and scroll down to and select Unbind), resetting my network settings on my phone (for Android, go to Settings > Network Settings and follow the prompts – go to Settings > Network Settings and follow the prompts for iPhone), and then rebinding the device solved my pairing issue.

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How do I connect my VeryFitPro to my new phone?

Using the ID107 smart watch to sync with an Android phone

  1. Veryfit 2.0 application is downloaded.
  2. The application is launched.
  3. Search for the watch on the app.
  4. Connect the watch to an Android phone. Create a customized profile for yourself. Disconnect the watch from the Android mobile.

What is sedentary setting on H band?

When the time has been set, the device will vibrate and display the alarm clock label on the screen. This feature may be activated by going to APP Setting > My device (H-Band)> Sedentary setting and selecting it. As soon as the gadget detects that the user has sat or remained motionless for the specified amount of time, it will vibrate to urge the user to get up and move about more.

Can I swim with my Lintelek fitness tracker?

All of the Lintelek fitness trackers are also waterproof, which is a nice feature. You won’t have to take them off to wash your hands or take a shower with them on. Swimmers can even wear them while swimming in a pool to keep track of their heart rates while they swim laps around the pool.

Is Lintelek a good brand?

The Lintelek ID115HR is a straightforward fitness tracker that is far from ideal yet does not come at a high price. It received one of the lowest ratings of the entire group, although it will do the most fundamental duties if this is the only model available within your budget.

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