How To Set Up Letscom Fitness Tracker? (Question)

Is it possible to use the Fitbit app without a tracker?

  • A highly handy feature of the Fitbit App is Fitbit MobileTrack, which allows you to utilize it without having to use a Fitbit Device. It is possible to track your fundamental activities such as steps, distance, and calories burnt with this function, which makes use of the built-in sensors of your smartphone.

What app do you use with Letscom fitness tracker?

Hi, LETSFIT is an app developed specifically for this device that can be obtained by scanning a QR code included in the user manual or searching “letsfit” in the app store (available for iOS and Android devices).

How do I connect my fitness tracker to my phone?

What is the best way to connect my Android phone to my fitness tracker?

  1. To get started, download Google Fit and set up your Google Fit account. To get started, return to MoveSpring and connect to Google Fit. To confirm that steps are synchronizing in MoveSpring, go to Steps > Confirm Steps Syncing in MoveSpring.

How do I set up my VeryFitPro?

Check that the Bluetooth toggle is set to the “On” position before continuing.

  1. Open the App Store and click on Search in the bottom right corner of the screen. VeryFitPro may be found by typing it into the search box and pressing Enter.
  2. Select Get or Cloud Install for VeryFitPro.
  3. Select Install.
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How do I connect my VeryFitPro?

Go to the VeryFitPro app, search for the device named “ID115Plus HR,” and then press on “ID115Plus HR” in the list of devices that have been discovered to connect the device to your phone.

How do I connect my fitness tracker watch?

To use your fitness tracker, press the button to bring up the screen, slide the screen until you see the Bluetooth and smartphone icons, and then press the button once more to activate the device. On the Activate your device screen of your mobile app, select Band from the drop-down menu. Searching is shown on your Android smartphone. When the name of your band shows, touch on it to bring up the band’s bio.

Why isn’t my exercise ring working?

Check to see that your watch is a perfect fit for you. Keep in mind that you should wear your watch on the top of your wrist. Check to see that your watch and your arm are both clean and free of debris. During your workout, be sure that Power Saving Mode is not on.

How do fitness trackers work?

What is the method through which a wearable fitness tracker measures steps? A three-axis accelerometer is used in a wearable tracker to continually detect the motions of the body. The data is captured continuously while the tracker is being worn and switched on, allowing the tracker to determine whether the wearer is walking ahead, sprinting quickly, or simply standing motionless.

How do I turn on Bluetooth on my fitness tracker?

Check to verify that your phone’s Bluetooth is switched on before continuing.

  1. Using your Android phone, navigate to the Settings app. Select Connected devices from the drop-down menu. Afterwards, if you see Connection preferences, click on it. Toggle Bluetooth on or off. Double-check to see whether Bluetooth is enabled.
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How do I reset my fitness tracker?

1 Factory Reset (also known as a hard reset)

  1. Connect your Fitbit Charge to a USB port by plugging it into the computer. Press and hold the button on your tracker for seven to nine seconds.
  2. Then press the button again. Press the button once more.
  3. Press the button once more.
  4. Press the button once more. As soon as you release the button, your tracker will be turned off.

How do I turn on my smart wristband?

To make your SmartBand vibrate, press and hold down the power key for several seconds. Your SmartBand immediately enters pairing mode and illuminates the notification light when you turn it on for the first time. Until your SmartBand is linked to a device, the letter A will flash.

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