How To Reactivate 24 Hour Fitness Membership? (Solution)

What is the cost of a month-to-month membership at 24 Hour Fitness?

  • For a limited time, 24 Hour Fitness is providing one free month on select monthly subscriptions, as well as waiving the initiation charge on those memberships. Due to the fact that membership prices normally run between $31.99 and $56.99 each month depending on region, this reduction represents a large percentage off the total cost of membership if you break things down yearly.

Can you reactivate a 24 Hour Fitness membership?

We look forward to meeting you as soon as we are able to operate securely in your region. On that day, your free Buddy Pass as well as your monthly dues reduction will be immediately enabled for you. You may begin receiving free 24GO Audio Coaching right now, and you will continue to receive it for an extra 12 months when the clubs in your region re-open.

What happens if I cancel my 24 Hour Fitness membership?

You may terminate your membership at any time after the Commitment Period by notifying 24 Hour Fitness in writing. Upon receiving your cancellation request, all future monthly payments will be suspended, and your previous month’s prepaid dues will be credited to your account.

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How long can I freeze my 24 Hour Fitness account?

When the gyms shuttered their doors on April 16, 2020, all 24 Hour Fitness memberships were placed on hold. Upon returning to your local gym and having your membership reinstated, you have the option to request an extra one-month courtesy freeze if you are not ready to return to the gym at that time.

How do I contact 24 Hour Fitness?

According to reports, the gym continued to collect fees from its members while closing all 430 of its locations around the country, as well as in 140 towns throughout California. These fees, according to the allegations, were charged automatically to credit or debit cards that were already on file in connection with the clients’ accounts.

Can you cancel 24 Hour Fitness over the phone?

5002 Member Services can be reached between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. 800.432.6348 PT 800.432.6348 You can cancel your membership at any time. Monday through Friday: 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Toll-free: 866.308.8179 Send a letter to 24 Hour Fitness Member Services PO Box 2689 Carlsbad, California 92018 Locate a Club My24 Account…

Can you freeze 24 hour membership online?

Log into your My24 account and you’re done. Navigate your way to the part that says “freeze membership.” The one-month courtesy freeze option is available if you are a member who pays by monthly instalments only. You may also opt to put your membership on hold for an extended length of time while continuing to pay on a monthly basis until you are ready to resume your membership.

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How can I get out of my 24 Hour Fitness contract?

How to cancel your membership at 24 Hour Fitness

  1. 866-308-8179
  2. request to connect with a customer care representative
  3. verify your account details
  4. request urgent contract termination
  5. Inquire about receiving a refund for the percentage of your monthly charge that has been utilized.

What does freeze membership mean?

That is an option that many gyms, particularly large chains, offer their members. As an example, if you signed up for a one-year contract in December but don’t feel secure exercising until March, you are permitted to take a break from paying your rent while you aren’t utilizing the facility.

Can you freeze PF membership?

The following is stated in the membership agreement about membership freezes: Your membership can be frozen for proven medical reasons only when you are suffering from an illness, accident, or medical condition. Your fries will be restricted to the time period determined by your physician to be required, up to a maximum of three months.

How much is 24 Hour Fitness a month?

Dues as little as $9.99 per month are available. Pay the $99.99 starting fee, as well as the first and final months’ dues. Choose one or more places. There are certain restrictions.

Can guests go to Planet Fitness alone?

Guests are permitted to accompany you on an infinite number of visits, which means you may bring one person every visit for an endless number of visits. You may also feel free to bring a new companion on each visit. Guests, on the other hand, are only authorized to utilize the fitness facilities.

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How do I contact 24 Hour Fitness by phone?

Mark Mastrov launched 24 Hour Fitness in 1983, and it has been in business ever since. Mastrov had been utilizing a local gym for rehabilitation following a knee injury, and after purchasing the gym from the owner, he transformed it into a 24-hour nautilus facility. In its early days, the firm went under the moniker “24 Hour Nautilus.”

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