How To Pause La Fitness Membership? (Correct answer)

  • Suspension of your membership is as follows: The “Freeze” feature may be accessed online by selecting the “My LA Fitness” page and logging in, then selecting “Freeze” on the right side of the screen.

How do I put my LA Fitness membership on hold?

To access your account, go to and log into your account. Once you’ve logged in, you may use the “Freeze” option on the right-hand side of the page to have your account temporarily suspended. Whenever you’re ready to reactivate your account, just log into your membership area and follow the on-screen prompts to do so.

Can you pause your membership at LA Fitness?

Members who pay monthly dues may suspend their memberships for an extended period of time for a price of $10 per month per member. Your account will be frozen for the following month’s billing if your next billing date is within 10 days of the current one. Members who have paid in full may suspend their subscriptions for up to 6 months by submitting a $35 freeze fee to the organization.

What is LA Fitness cancellation fee?

If you are a monthly subscriber, you will be charged $10 to stop your subscription for one month at a time. The freezing of full members’ accounts for six months is available for a cost of $35 per account.

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Can I cancel my LA Fitness personal training membership?

Yes, you may terminate your LA Fitness personal training sessions by speaking with their personal training manager and informing them of your want to discontinue personal training. They’ll cancel it in 10 minutes at the same location as before.

What happens if I dont pay LA Fitness?

You can cancel your personal training sessions at LA Fitness if you speak with their personal training manager and explain your decision to do so. At the same location, they will cancel it in 10 minutes.

How do I cancel my personal training?

How to Put an End to Your Fitness Partnership

  1. Inform your trainer of your decision to leave.
  2. Don’t leave them to guess who you are. Make a point of highlighting the positive. Explain to your trainer what you enjoyed learning and how his or her curriculum aided your development. Treat the trainer as though he or she were an employee. Allow the manager to do the grunt labor.

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