How Much Is Iron Tribe Fitness? (Best solution)

  • Posted on the internet: (4 days ago) In addition to a franchise fee of up to $42,000, Iron Tribe Fitness requires a total initial investment ranging from $300,000 to $433,500. The first-year franchise fee is $42,000. Investment ranges from $300,000 to $433,500 in total. Working capital ranges from $40,000 to $75,000 each year. The royalty rate is 6.0 percent.

What is the cost of Iron Tribe Fitness?

Iron Tribe does not offer individual lessons; instead, it sells memberships, with fees varying depending on the length and frequency of the agreement. Warren estimates that the average price class in a membership is between $13 and $20 each class, on average.

How much is Iron Tribe a month?

Cost: Prices vary depending on location and membership package, but normally range from $189 to $249 per month. Amenities include an InBody scan (body composition analysis), private showers, a 10:1 member-to-coach ratio, as well as the ability to purchase protein and supplements.

Is Iron Tribe like CrossFit?

A lot of Iron Tribe’s workouts are comparable to Crossfit, however they are now more popular with the office population than with the rest of the community. Although their services are more expensive than those provided by CrossFit or Faster Fitness, they provide a high-quality program that we praise.. Groups are limited to a maximum of 20 persons with 1-2 coaches.

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What kind of workout is Iron Tribe?

Iron Tribe Fitness (ITF) is a CrossFit-inspired gym offering 45-minute courses that follow the CrossFit methodology.

How do I cancel my iron tribe account?

Fees and payments are required. Iron Tribe Network retains the right to modify the payment terms and fees at any time by providing you with thirty (30) days written notice of the change. You have the right to discontinue your services at any time by providing Iron Tribe Network with thirty (30) days written notice.

How many Iron Tribe locations are there?

As of the 2020 Franchise Disclosure Document, there are 26 Iron Tribe Fitness franchise sites in the United States of America.

How much does Tribe cost?

For all campaigns that are sent live on the TRIBE platform, TRIBE levies a fee of $299 + GST. The Campaign Activation Fee is the name of this fee. All of the content submissions in your campaign inbox are available to you for free, and you will not be charged until you approve any of the material.

What is Iron Tribe?

It is a Community of Belonging where people may be understood and welcomed for who they are as individuals. Peer support, housing, and family reunification services are provided by Iron Tribe Network to people and families who are overcoming pressures and challenges in order to live a life that is consistent with their beliefs while in transition.

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