How Much Does Lifetime Fitness Pay Front Desk? (Perfect answer)

What does a Front Desk at Life Time make on a per hour basis? The average wage for a Life Time Front Desk employee is $11 per hour. Life Time’s front desk salary can range from $9 to $13 per hour, depending on experience. 6

  • Job Averages for Lifetime Fitness Corporation Median Hourly Rates by Job Type Personal trainer $19.63, lifeguard $9.03, maintenance technician $15.79, and front desk coordinator $10.41 are all examples of jobs that pay well.

Does Lifetime Fitness pay well?

Salary for Life Time Lifetime Fitness employees is $12 per hour on average. Lifetime Fitness hourly rates can range from $10 to $28 per hour depending on experience. When bonuses and other forms of compensation are taken into account, a Lifetime Fitness at Life Time may expect to earn an average total compensation of $12 per hour.

How much do Planet Fitness front desk workers make?

The average hourly wage for a Planet Fitness Front Desk employee is $11. Planet Fitness front desk wages can range from $9 to $16 per hour, depending on experience. Employees at Planet Fitness Front Desk contributed a total of 147 salary report(s) that were either supplied by the company or calculated based on statistical methodologies.

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How much does a membership concierge make at Lifetime Fitness?

Frequently Asked Questions about Lifetime Salary The average annual income for a Membership Concierge in the United States is $34,905 per year, which is 31 percent less than the average lifetime salary for this career, which is $51,050 per year in this country.

Do you get a free membership if you work at lifetime?

Employees at Life Time Fitness are eligible to earn a complimentary membership to the facility.

What should I wear to an interview at Lifetime Fitness?

Question and answer sessions should be conducted in business casual dress, while practical training observations should be conducted in sports wear, according to the company. Arrive on time and extend a cordial welcome to each interviewer.

Does Planet Fitness pay weekly?

Planet Fitness has a set pay schedule. In the world of planet fitness, you get compensated every other week. That is done twice a week. Every month, on the 15th and 30th of the month, all employees get paid. Paying employees on a biweekly basis is more convenient when you have thousands of staff.

How much does Planet Fitness charge a month?

It is a point of pride for Planet Fitness to provide low-cost subscriptions, with a normal membership starting at $10 per month and higher-tier memberships, which include the PF Black Card, starting at an average of $19.99 per month. This agreement is intended to attract “occasional and first-time gym consumers,” as the firm describes it.

Does Planet Fitness get paid weekly?

Once every two weeks. Every other week, you will get compensated. On the 15th and 30th of each month, Planet Fitness pays its staff their wages.

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How much do lifetime sales reps make?

Pay ranges from $11,893 to $316,384 per year for Lifetime Fitness Sales Advisors in the United States, with a typical compensation of $57,004 per year. 57 percent of Lifetime Fitness Sales Advisors earn between $57,005 and $142,480 per year, with the top 86 percent earning $316,384 per year.

How Much Do Lifetime managers make?

The average yearly salary for a Life Time Manager in the United States is roughly $50,434, which is approximately 16 percent less than the national average.

How Much Do Lifetime Fitness General managers make?

Life Time Fitness is a fitness center that provides a variety of fitness activities. Generous compensation for General Managers translates into a yearly pay of $93,000 or $45 per hour, which is 51 percent more than the national average wage for all General Managers of $55,000 and 34 percent higher than the national salary average for all working Americans.

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