How Much Does Crunch Fitness Pay? (Question)

  • Tell us about yourself and we’ll calculate an estimate of how much you should be making, as well as provide insight into your career prospects. What does Crunch Fitness in California pay their employees? Crunch Fitness hourly wages range from roughly $10.00 per hour for a Maintenance Person to $25.04 per hour for a Fitness Specialist on an average basis.

How much do pts make at Crunch Fitness?

Crunch Fitness Personal Trainer hourly wages in the United States are roughly $26.09 on average, which is approximately 17 percent more than the national mean. Employer-supplied salary data was compiled from 823 data points gleaned directly from Indeed workers, users, and previous and current job adverts over the course of 36 months.

How much does Crunch Fitness pay front desk NYC?

Crunch Fitness Front Desk salaries range from $12 per hour to $18 per hour on average. Crunch Fitness’s front desk pay can range from $9 to $17 per hour, depending on experience.

Do you get a free membership if you work at crunch?

Workplace that is both productive and enjoyable The fact that you receive a free membership is a benefit. You receive a ten percent commission on all of your membership and point transactions.

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What is a Crunch Fitness Signature Club?

Working in an environment that is both productive and pleasant That you are given a complimentary membership is an added bonus. Every membership and point sale generates a 10% commission for you.

How much do crunch spin instructors make?

Crunch Fitness Group Fitness Instructors earn an average of $25 per hour in their positions. Crunch Fitness Group Fitness Instructor salaries can range from $20 to $48 per hour depending on experience. Crunch Fitness Group Fitness Instructor salaries are based on 31 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Crunch Fitness Group Fitness Instructor employees or calculated based upon statistical techniques.

Can a 12 year old go to Crunch Fitness?

What age does my child need to be in order to obtain a Crunch Membership? Children must be at least 14 years old in order to exercise in the main section of Crunch. While their parents are working out, everyone aged 13 and under is welcome to hang out with our Super-Sitters.

Is Crunch Fitness a contract?

When it comes to contracts, Crunch provides month-to-month agreements, which is ideal for folks who aren’t sure how long they will be able to commit to a fitness program. Although this price is only available to customers in specific places, some locales provide a $9.95 month-to-month subscription with no obligation for consumers in select areas.

Can I train people at crunch?

Our Crunch Fitness locations offer HIITZone, an all-encompassing fitness program that includes personal training, small group training, and nutritional counseling and instruction. Let’s get together for a lunge date!

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