How Much Does Chuze Fitness Pay? (Solution found)

Approximately $68,040 per year for a General Manager to $68,040 per year for a General Manager is the average Chuze Fitness pay, according to Payscale. Chuze Fitness hourly compensation ranges from roughly $12 per hour for a Front Desk position to $36 per hour for a Group Fitness Instructor position on an average basis.

  • Chuze Fitness hourly salary ranges from roughly $12 per hour for a Front Desk to $21 per hour for an Assistant Manager on average, depending on experience. Employees at Chuze Fitness give their entire salary and benefits package a rating of 3.1/5 stars.

How much do Planet Fitness members get paid?

The average hourly wage for a Planet Fitness Crew Member is $13 dollars. Crew Member wages at Planet Fitness can range from $9 to $15 per hour depending on experience.

Who owns Chuze?

Cory Brightwell is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Chuze Fitness.

Does Lifetime Fitness pay well?

Salary for Life Time Lifetime Fitness employees is $12 per hour on average. Lifetime Fitness hourly rates can range from $10 to $28 per hour depending on experience. When bonuses and other forms of compensation are taken into account, a Lifetime Fitness at Life Time may expect to earn an average total compensation of $12 per hour.

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What is Amazon pay rate?

Currently, Amazon is looking for positions in California, with an average hourly wage of $18 and a sign-on bonus.

How much do Chase tellers get paid?

The average hourly wage for a Chase Bank Teller is $17 per hour. Bank Teller wages at Chase can range from $10 to $23 per hour, depending on the position.

Do you get free membership if you work at Planet Fitness?

A variety of benefits are available to Planet Fitness workers as part of their compensation package. Along with a free gym membership, they’ll also receive a black card that can be used to enter any of the Planet Fitness locations around the country!

Why is it called Chuze Fitness?

We chose this name because we wanted you, our members, to be allowed to select your gym rather than feeling pressured into it by the intensive sales process that you may encounter at other gyms. We intended to wow you with hospitality, rather than intimidation, in the same way that Ray and Charles did with their restaurant.

Who started Chuze Fitness?

According to the modern-day Zoom-style, Chuze Fitness CEO Cory Brightwell, COO Nick Barshick, and CAO Melissa Sowell, all lifetime friends, recall the very earliest days of Chuze Fitness in Carlsbad, California, and their views on how family still runs through the veins of the organization today.

How did Chuze Fitness start?

The Chuze Fitness narrative began in 1978 with a salad bar in Houston, Texas, and has continued to this day. With the goal of providing an exceptional customer service experience, Ray and Charles, longtime friends, launched a buffet-style restaurant in their hometown. They outperformed expectations and expanded their company throughout multiple states until they sold it in the mid-1990s.

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Do you get a free membership if you work at lifetime?

Employees at Life Time Fitness are eligible to earn a complimentary membership to the facility.

What should I wear to an interview at Lifetime Fitness?

Question and answer sessions should be conducted in business casual dress, while practical training observations should be conducted in sports wear, according to the company. Arrive on time and extend a cordial welcome to each interviewer.

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