How Much Does Chelsea Piers Fitness Cost?

  • N/A. The cost is $365 per month. Monthly payments of $155 are required. Monthly payment of $135. An initiation charge of $75 is required for all memberships at the time of purchase. Membership in the Gold level includes a one-year membership to Chelsea Piers Fitness and there is no initiation charge. Contact Rosie Abreu at 212.336.6460 or by email at [email protected] if you require further information.

How much is a Chelsea Piers Fitness membership?

THE SPORTS CENTER AT CHELSEA PIERS IS THE BEST PLACE FOR ACTIVE ATHLETES. Depending on the membership level, the cost ranges from $125 to $230 each month.

What does Chelsea Piers membership include?

A complimentary session with a coach in Personal Training, Pilates, or Swimming is included with each membership level.

How much is a day pass to Chelsea Piers?

DAY PASSES (Member Rate: $30; Non-Member Rate: $60) are available for purchase. Non-members can purchase a day pass to allow them to utilize the facility for the day. When you purchase a day pass at the Front Desk, you can use it during regular club hours.

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How much does Chelsea Piers bowling cost?

Chelsea Piers Bowl is a multi-purpose stadium in Chelsea, England. It costs $6.25 per person per game Monday through Thursday, $7.00 per person per game Friday through Sunday, and $4.00 for shoes. There is no charge for children under the age of 12.

How much is Equinox per month NYC?

There are 29 Equinox sites in Brooklyn and Manhattan, all of which are available with a $260 per month “all access” membership from Equinox. Only New York Sports Clubs has more total locations (49) in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens when compared to the other major gym companies in New York City, according to the New York Times.

How do I cancel my Chelsea Piers membership?

Please contact Member Services directly at [email protected] if you want a cancellation form. You may also pick up a cancellation form from the Membership Office if you need one. Upon receiving your request, we will respond within 72 hours. There is no option to seek a cancellation through the website.

Does Chelsea Piers have a gym?

Learn about Chelsea Piers Fitness, New York City’s most exciting gym, which offers unequaled space and activities. Chelsea Piers Fitness is a community of people who are passionate about inspired fitness, sports, and general wellbeing.

Is Equinox Hudson Yards all access?

In order to participate in Après Equinox, Equinox Members with Select or All-Access memberships can purchase a $35 Day Pass to Hudson Yards for use at their leisure. A $50 fee applies to those who are not members of Equinox Hudson Yards. Guest passes are available for purchase at the Front Desk of the hotel.

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How much does Chelsea Piers Brooklyn cost?

Chelsea Piers, Pier 60, 20th St at the Hudson River (212-336-6000, Chelsea Piers, Pier 60, 20th St at the Hudson River. The monthly membership price ranges from $142 to $180.

How long is Chelsea Piers driving range?

212-336-6000 or for more information. Chelsea Piers, Pier 60, 20th St near the Hudson River $142–$180 per month for a monthly membership cost

How Much Does bowling Cost?

Game Fees: $4.00 per participant, per game, plus $4.00 for shoe rental per game. Per lane, per hour: $25.00 per lane, per hour. Shoe rental is $4.00 per pair. The cost varies by game and includes $6.00 each game per player and $4.00 shoe rental.

What should I wear to Chelsea Piers?

We recommend that you dress in loose-fitting clothes for your event and that you wear sunglasses during the day. Golfers with previous experience are welcome to bring their usual shoes, gloves, and clubs to the event.

How much is Chelsea Piers basketball?

Chelsea Piers Fitness Center for Adults For private games and special occasions, Chelsea Piers Fitness offers three full-sized, hardwood basketball courts, which may be rented out for a fee. Non-members may use these courts by purchasing a Day Pass for $50 (available to those 16 years and older).

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