Crunch Fitness How Much? (TOP 5 Tips)

  • One Crunch – This is the most basic level of membership available at any of Crunch Fitness’ locations, and it costs $79.99 per month or $719.91 annually. You will pay $24.95 per month and $344.90 per year for Crunch Essentials Peak Plus, which is the most expensive of the Crunch Essentials facilities.

How much does it cost to go to Crunch Fitness?

After 90 days from your Agreement date, you will be charged an annual cost of just $39.90, which will be paid on the next billing Friday after that date and yearly thereafter for as long as your Membership is in existence.

Why did Crunch charge me $50?

What is the purpose of this fee? The Annual Fee is a financial investment that pays for the upkeep of equipment, building maintenance, and periodic enhancements at our facilities.

Is Crunch Fitness a contract?

When it comes to contracts, Crunch provides month-to-month agreements, which is ideal for folks who aren’t sure how long they will be able to commit to a fitness program. Although this price is only available to customers in specific places, some locales provide a $9.95 month-to-month subscription with no obligation for consumers in select areas.

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How much does it cost to cancel Crunch membership?

After one year, you have the option to discontinue your Crunch Gym subscription. Early termination costs of $200 are required if you wish to terminate your membership before the end of the billing year. If you do not wish to quit your membership before the end of the billing year, you must pay administrative fees for early termination.

Does crunch have a student discount?

A discounted pricing of $50/year is available to students who wish to subscribe to Extra Crunch (plus tax).

Does every crunch have a sauna?

Their gyms are equipped with both cardio and weightlifting equipment, allowing you to work out in a method that is enjoyable for you. Crunch Fitness, on the other hand, does not include saunas or steam rooms in its regular gyms.

Can you bring a guest to crunch?

Once a member has registered a swipe to enter the club, they are not permitted to bring in any further guests. Guests must be over the age of 18 and not be a current Crunch member to be admitted to the club. Upon entering, guests are required to complete the visitor registration form and present a valid photo ID. It is not possible to transfer your membership to another individual.

Can a 12 year old go to Crunch Fitness?

What age does my child need to be in order to obtain a Crunch Membership? Children must be at least 14 years old in order to exercise in the main section of Crunch. While their parents are working out, everyone aged 13 and under is welcome to hang out with our Super-Sitters.

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How do I cancel my Crunch membership?

How to cancel Crunch Gym membership

  1. Call (866) 428-9664 to speak with a representative. Input the phone number from which you’re making the call. Give the agent your account number and tell them you want to discontinue your subscription.

Can Crunch Fitness send you to collections?

Is it possible for a gym to send your account to collections? In a nutshell, sure. If you fail to pay your gym membership payments on time, your account may be placed in collections, which would leave a significant bad record on your credit report. A gym subscription is no different than any other recurrent expense.

Can I wear a sports bra to Crunch Fitness?

To which the question was originally answered: Can I go to the gym in just a sports bra? The answer is yes; you may wear whatever you want as long as it is within reason.

Does Crunch Fitness have an annual fee?

What is the cost of the crunch yearly fee? Crunch Fitness charges a $49.99 yearly membership fee.

What does crunch basic membership include?

Peak membership, which is $21.95/month and includes unlimited guest rights, group courses, unlimited tanning and hydro massage, access to all 200+ North American locations, and child care is our most popular option for families. Our base membership, which is $9.95 per month, gives you access to the strength training and cardio equipment in our facility.

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