By Melinda Corssino – WNBF Pro Figure & Bikini & NMI Athlete







Let’s face it, Bodybuilding in itself is an expensive sport. Between coaching, food, tanning, suits, hair/makeup, posing classes, entry fees, memberships, etc, it seems like never ending money coming out of your wallet.

There are ways to save on certain aspects of shows, and other times when it is worth spending the extra money. Quality services and products are important, but who doesn’t want to save a few bucks

Where TO be cheap:

“…judges won’t be able to tell whether you have a $100 bracelet or a $10 one.”








Diamonds are a girls best friend, but not on stage. There is no need to go out and buy expensive stage jewelry . Your jewelry is going to get tan all over it, and the judges won’t be able to tell whether you have a $100 bracelet or a $1O one. I buy all of my stage jewelry from amazon .com, and have never spent more than $15 on any one piece of jewelry . I typically wear hoop earrings, two bracelets and a ring. If amazon isn’t your thing, then Claire’s Stores are at most malls and they have a great selection of cheap jewelry as well.


“…Save money on your competition suit… with caution.”

I am saying you can save money on your competition suit… with caution . You do NOT want to go through an inexperienced designer. That could lead to a very badly cut and poor quality suit. What I do mean is there are plenty of online websites such as salayla .com where you can purchase your suits un-decorated and then bring them to a local company to put crystals on. My suit sponsor, Pam Wilkie of Muscle Couture, will decorate a suit starting as low as $160 depending on complexity of the design. Many pre-decorated suits go for well over $500.


There is always the option of buying a used suit as well. There are also many Facebook groups and websites where people are selling their used suits. I used Bikini Exchange on Facebook and sold three of my used suits that I had only worn once. It’s a great way to save some money and make some money if you sell yours in the future .

***If you are interested in have your suit decorated by my suit sponsor Muscle Couture email her at: musclecouturesuits@gmail.com

“…I don’t think I would ever spend more than $70 on a pair.”







3.Stage Heels

I have purchased all of my stage heels off of amazon.com all for under $50.Can’t beat it, and Idon’t think I would ever spend more than $70 on a pair.


As bodybuilders we are relatively eating the same things through our prep. In the area that I live there is a wholesale store called Costco. I will go there to stock up on the essentials; eggs, chicken, fish, veggies, etc. Buying in bulk is much cheaper than buying in small quantities at your local grocery store, and if you know you will be eating it, it’s worth it.


“Check your local salons. You might get a great deal.”

Do you live near a reputable local salon, or a mall with a MAC makeup store? Ask if they have a stylist that is willing to come in early or travel to your home to do stage hair and makeup. You will be surprised how many stylists will bite at that opportunity. If you have never been to them before please ask for a trial because stage makeup is much different from everyday makeup!


Booking hair and makeup through the show’s artists/stylists can be very pricy. These girls working for the show are getting up super early and traveling to that venue. They are going to mark up their prices (and with good reason). Check your local salons. You might get a great deal. Ialways go to my friend’s salon. She opens early for me and I pay half of what most pay at the show.

Where NOT to be cheap:








Please do not choose a coach by their pricing. Show prep, if not coached correctly, can be very detrimental to your health. There are coaches who are not certified, have no nutrition or exercise degrees and have no real training. Just because someone won their Pro Card, does NOT make them an eligible coach. Look at their coaching history and their past clients, get feedback from people who have worked with them before. Ask Questions!


“Not only will you have an amazing tan, but they know the lighting on stage and what color you need to be.”

I always get a professional spray tan for my shows. To me it is worth the money to have a professional apply my tan and then take care of touch ups. I know many people that do their own and it comes out fine, but there is no guarantee. If you are a new competitor with no experience applying a tan, I highly recommend going with the spray tanning company hired by the promoters of your show. Not only will you have an amazing tan, but they know the lighting on stage and what color you need to be to best show your physique. Many tanning companies are run by ex­ competitors as well.


I highly recommend taking in person posing classes before your show . Yes, it is more expensive than online classes or just practicing on your own, but it is worth it. There is no better feeling than stepping on stage and knowing you did everything you could to be prepared. Posing takes work no matter what class you compete in. You will get the best instruction from in person posing classes. You could have the best physique in your class but if you can’t pose you may not even place. Spend a little extra money on this one! NMI


Melinda Spencer (Corssino) is a WNBF Pro Bikini and Figure competitor. She is a full-time Office Manager of a government building, part-time MBA Finance student, s1ep-mom, 1rail runner, Spartan Racer and CrossFitter. Sheis a Natural Magazine International and P4P Muscle sponsored athlete. Melinda is also host of blog talk radio show,Fit Talkwith Melinda Corssino. She was a division 1 college softballplayer, and has always had a love for fitness from a very young age. Melinda wants to inspire others to stay healthy, fit, happy and motivated. Contact Melinda at melc32@msn.com.

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