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BEN: Man, how important is cardio for you when it comes to getting as crazy lean as you do?

GREG: I do 20-30 minutes in the off-season and 40-50 in season. Off-season 5 days a week and in-season 7 days. [laughs]

B: What??? Waitas I am sure you are aware, there is a VERY common “anti-cardio” theme among athletes these days.

G: Yes…true, but to get to the level to compete with Pros I feel it’s a must. When I won my Pro Card I never did cardio. After seeing the competition I new I had to up my game so I started cardio in 2011.








B: There are many Pros who are part of the “low/no cardio” crew. At least that’s what they claim..

G: Yes… Trust me, I do not enjoy it. [laughs] But when I place well I realize cardio played a roll.

B: Ha! Good point. So, do you think all this “no cardio” talk is a myth? Or is it just a matter of everyone requiring different means and methods?

G: Well, maybe a myth. But I know that in order to get into condition, I have to! Natty Bodybuilding has come so far in the condition aspect. I feel you must do some to achieve a certain level.

B: You are also consistently bringing that coveted “grainy-ness” to your look. What is the key to coming in like that, or is this just how you happen to look when you lean out?

G: The key… [laughs] It’s having a coach that listens to you and helps with proper nutrition and macros! I used to always do it alone. It messes with your head and sometimes you feel flat, sometimes you look skinny, sometimes you feel fat. Having someone guide you on your journey is key! Having another person’s professional opinion is the key for me!







B: So you work with a nutrition and prep coach?

G: Yes. Larry Roberts out of Plattsburgh. He and I really have my body down to a science. It’s just the little tweaks that put me over the hump. I always got myself looking sharp but could not get over the hump to great because I would over think a little. [laughs]

Every Pro needs a coach, I feel! Even Professional athletes need a personal trainer or coach to keep their edge, even if you feel you might be able to do it on your own. I feel to be a real Pro you have to put your ego aside and have someone else there helping. Even if the sport is labeled “one person” or “selfish,” I don’t believe it is. It can be a great “part” of your life.

B: What’s is next for you in terms of competition as well as physique goals?

G: On August 1st I will start prepping for the Yorton.

My fitness goals are to live a healthy lifestyle and show my son and my clients that this is a way of life, not a fad or just for a show!


2015: 2nd Pro Lightweight – IFPA Pro Bowl

2014: 3rd Pro Lightweight – IFPA Pro Bowl

2014: 2nd Pro Open – DFAC Pro/Am

2013: 3rd Pro Lightweight – Gaspari

2013: 2nd Pro Open – USBF North American Pro/Am

2013: 3rd Pro Lightweight – IFPA Yorton Cup

2012: 4th – NGA North American

2012: 8th – IFPA Pro Bowl

2011: 1st Lightweight & Men’s Overall – Bay State Natural (won pro card)

2011: 4th Men’s Open Lightweight – OCB Uprising

2011: 1st Men’s Open Lightweight – USBF Clash in the Capital

2010: 3rd Men’s Open Lightweight – OCB Judgement Day

2008: 2nd Men’s Open Lightweight – OCB Judgement Day

2008: 2nd Men’s Open Lightweight – Plattsburgh Pro/Am

2007: 1st & Men’s Overall – NPC New England

2007: 8th – Amateur Men’s Open – Arnold Amateur Classic

2007: 2nd Men’s Open – Plattsburgh Pro/Am

2006: 1st Men’s Open Lightweight – NPC New England

2005: 1st Men’s Open Lightweight – NPC New England

2005: 3rd Men’s Open – Musclemania Fitness Atlantic

2004: 1st Men’s Open Lightweight – NPC New England

2003: 1st Men’s Open Lightweight – NPC New England

2003: 2nd Men’s Bantam – NABF Men’s Massachusetts Supernatural

2003: 2nd Men’s Bantam – Musclemania Fitness Atlantic

2002: 5th Men’s Bantam – Musclemania Fitness Atlantic

2002: 1st Men’s Bantam – NABF Vermont

2001: 4th Men’s Bantam – NABF MA Supernatural

2001: 1st Novice Lightweight & Novice Overall – VT Supernatural

2001: 2nd Men’s Bantam – VT Supernatural

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