Edwin Carter is one of my favorite Men’s Physique competitors currently on the circuit. This guy just has it all. Size, shape, conditioning. His shoulder-to-waist ratio is cray. All that said, perhaps the one factor that makes him hard to beat is something that eludes most competitors. And that is… movement.

Mr. Carter knows his body and knows how to positon it and present it in a manner that causes him to jump off the page. When I first saw photos of Edwin Carter from the 2014 IFPA Yorton Cup, I felt that an image of his incredible physique just had to be placed on the cover.

“The days of the skinny Men’s Physique competitors are over.”

Slide59Man, I am super impressed with the look you brought to the Yorton this year. I have not seen the score cards but I would bet that no one else was close. How are you feeling about what you brought?

While the other competitors brought some awesome physiques, I feel that I brought my best package thus far to the stage. I worked hard in the gym and stayed consistent with my diet. I believe that the physique I brought to the Yorton World Cup displayed to the IFPA Pro federation and judges that Pro Men’s Physique competitors can be more muscular and leaner than your typical competitors of the past. The days of the skinny Men’s Physique competitors are over.

I believe that this shift in judging standards has made the Natural Pro Men’s Physique division comparable to other organiza-tions such as the IFBB.

“I call my style of posing Flexin’ and Finnessin’ .

Slide60You not only bring the muscularity, size, shape, and conditioning, but you seem to also have sort of an x-factor. What I am referring to is your presentation. Your posing is unique and really stands out. It’s almost as if you have a background in dance or performance arts or something.

You’re right! My posing and presentation is the result of my Hip Hop dance style background. My posing coach helped me develop my posing and posing routine that would bring out my own style and set me apart from the other competitors. I call my style of posing “Flexin’ and Finnessin’.” It’s my opinion that finesse keeps a Men’s Physique athlete from being classified as a Bodybuilder. We are suppose to be the eye candy of Bodybuilding. [laughs]

“…when I’m going on stage it’s my time to shine.”

Slide61You also seem to have a lot of confidence up there. Where does it come from?

Well, I have learned to accept my body and it’s flaws. Also, I’m comfortable with my body and I realize that I put in all the work throughout my off-season so when I’m going on stage it’s my time to shine.

You are without a doubt a leader in the pack when it comes to total package Men’s Physique champion athletes. What tips, pointers, or advice do you have for the guys in the sport?

My advice to other competitors is to always remain true to yourself. It’s very important to look at other top competitors and analyze your strengths and weakness. Afterwards, work hard to make your weaknesses your strengths. I’m constantly performing self-assessments to  ensure I’m making  improvements to my physique. I have faith and internal motivation which allows me to remain humble and focused on achieving the optimal physique.

Slide62What shows will you be doing in 2015 and do you plan on defending your Yorton Cup title?

Whatever and wherever God tells me to go and do. I will be ready and at my best. I’m planning on improving my physique and to compete in other federations. I feel as though God has shown me my talents which will make me competitive and successful as a Men’s Physique Pro in any organization. My goal is to reach my potential and use it to the best of my abilities. Yes! I’m planning on bringing an even better physique and presentation to the 2015 Yorton Cup. Glory to God! NMI


2014 IFPA Yorton Cup

Pro Men’s Physique 1st place Overall Winner

2014 IFPA Pro Global Cup

Pro Men’s Physique 1st place Overall Winner

2014 IFPA Pro Bowl

Pro Men’s Physique 4th place

2013 IFPA Global Cup Pro Qualifier

Amateur Men’s Physique 1st place Overall Winner

*Pro Card


Facebook: IFPA Pro Edwin Carter 

Instagram: edcar4

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