OCTOBER 2014 COVER STORY Interview by Ben Yosef

If history and track record are an indication of future outcomes then it seems that Sharmane Williams is the front-runner to win it all at this year’s IFPA Yorton Cup. One could arrive at that prediction based on her 2014 success alone. However, as I recalled in the August issue interview with Sharmane, at last year’s Yorton she was the Pro Figure Tall winner and 2nd Overall. Out of the 27 Figure Pros that showed up that day, only one competitor placed higher than Sharmane. And that was the Medium class and Overall winner, Donna Shea, who apparently will not be on stage this year. One week out from the 2014 Yorton I asked Sharmane Williams about life after last year’s show, what she expects the vibe to be like this year, and where she will be standing when the curtains close.



Ben: Let’s start with last year at the 2013 Yorton Cup. You had just won the Pro Figure Tall class then went up against the other class winners, Terri McBee (Short) and Donna Shea (Tall), for the Overall. What went through your mind the moment it was an-nounced that the 2013 IFPA Pro Figure Overall Winner was Donna Shea?

Sharmane: Donna Shea had an Amazing physique. She looked great. I remember we were backstage before they called the Overall winner. Donna, Terri, and myself were hugging, holding each other while the judges were deciding. Each of us wanted it bad. It also felt so good at that moment that the three of us could do that, console each other In the process of this amazing moment, the possibility one of us would be the Overall winner of the Yorton Cup. But when they called Donna as the Overall winner I thought to myself, “it’s okay, I’ll be back.” [laughs] In the Arnold Schwarzenegger voice.

Ben: What was life like right after that show and leading into the 2014 season?

“Our workout sessions got more intense, more serious, and were custom made for my body.”



Sharmane: It felt like a huge accomplishment and a great way to end the year. I worked very hard for that win. It wasn’t easy at all. I put a whole lot into this sport that I love so much. The question I had for myself  was, “How can I continue for 2014?” I learned that this is an expensive sport. I learned you must have a great support system and your loved ones behind you. I’ve also learned it can be very tough in the dating world and also on family and friends.

I knew in order for me to be successful in 2014 I literally had to change my life. I wanted to bring a different package every time I got on stage in 2014 and to be at my best every time. And if I couldn’t be at my best, if something in my life was hindering me from that, I knew I wouldn’t go on with the sport. So I did change my life the best that I could which put me in a good place to move forward with my career.

Ben: What has training been like for you this year?

“Our workout sessions got more intense, more serious, and were custom made for my body.”

Slide46Sharmane: In the beginning of the year my coach Rex Thompson said, “It’s time to get back on our grind.” So I got back into prep and training mode. New focus,  new Life, and a new style of training. Also two new team members, Ashton Bell and Isaiah Malin. Going into this year was mostly about Rex wanting to improve on last year’s look.

Our workout sessions got more intense, more serious, and were custom made for my body. There were also a lot of food changes. Mostly more carbs to make up for the heavy training. Rex and I have a very good trainer/competitor relationship. We have our share of fights now, I’m not going to lie [laughs], but we’re very in tune with each other trust-wise.

As a trainer myself I do my style of training with my training partner in early morning sessions and I train with Rex in the evenings and on weekends. It’s a good mix of two types of training that works. We have been pushing all year!

Ben: What do you think the vibe will be like during this year’s Yorton Cup?

Sharmane: I think the vibe will be excitement! It’s the last big show of the year with a ton of top Pros coming, male and female from all over. It’s going to be so nice seeing everyone under one roof and everyone will be at their best. If I weren’t competing in it myself It would be a great show to sit and watch and enjoy with my coffee! So the vibe I feel will be very positive and upbeat. This is very exciting. It’s the show everyone has been peaking for.

Ben: Yup, it will be an incredible show. I am really going to try and make it to the event. What can you tell us about your finishing touches during peak week?

“I’m always begging this week to fly by.”

Slide47Sharmane: I love going hard in the gym so peak week is tough because my energy and strength have dropped at this point. Rex is so careful at this time about not getting an injury with my body fat being low. So, he puts the brakes on how heavy we go and how long we go. He had me take in more carbs and it has helped. Every week he’s adding and changing something with training and nutrition. He’s kinda like a mad scientist [laughs]. At this point I’m always ready to get it over with. I’m always begging this week to fly by. I want to get on stage and have some fun, and then get my life back for a while.

Ben: When all is said and done, and the curtains close, where do you think you will be?

Sharmane: I’m sorry for answering this way but wherever God wants me to be.

Ben: I hear you!



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