Interview by Ben Yosef | Translated by Marco Zanetti

NGA Italian affiliate FIBBN President Marco Zanetti recently sent me about fifty photographs along with an interview he had just conducted for Natural Bikini Magazine. The competitor in those photos was Ukrainian Bikini athlete, Galya Yerofyeyeva. As I reviewed the images, one after another, I was just blown away by how incredible this girl looked. So yes, she would definitely be in the next issue of BikiniMag. But there was so much of this amazingness, I just knew we had to do more with her.

Long story short, Yerofyeyeva landed in not only the October issue of Bikini, but also NaturalMag… and Natural Gainz. Never before has an athlete been featured in all three of our publications within the same month. Two yes, but never three. So sit back and enjoy this interview, and if you get a chance, check out this month’s BikiniMag and GainzMag as well!

2013 2 Torri Italian Open Gran Prix - Photo by Giorgio Masgetz
2013 2 Torri Italian Open Gran Prix – Photo by Giorgio Masgetz

Galya! You have an incredible physique! Do you have a background in athletics?

When I was living in the Ukraine my sister and I were attending dance classes and gymnastics and I liked all sports, but never athletics. I always liked beautiful and symmetrical physiques. I remember reading magazines and their covers and being attracted by their perfection. So when I turned 17 I decided it was time to get a gym membership and I started to imagine myself in my 30s with a toned, healthy and young body. Even though at the beginning I was more into group courses, steps, Pilates, aerobics and seldom weights because back then I didn’t think weights were necessary. Now in my 30s with my new training system, I realized my dream of a toned body.


What got you into Bikini competition?

I was accompanying my companion that was doing natural shows and for the first time I saw a Bikini class. I decided that it was my goal. It was the beginning of 2010. I looked at those girls and I said to myself, “Well I am not that bad compared to them, I just have to add more weight training to my actual training”. I spoke with my boyfriend’s coach and he changed everything with my nutrition and training and Boom!

2013 2 Torri Italian Open Gran Prix - Photo by Giorgio Masgetz
2013 2 Torri Italian Open Gran Prix – Photo by Giorgio Masgetz

How and when did you connect with the FIBBN & NGA?

In the year 2011, since my boyfriend was competing for those natural shows I decided to enter the FIBBN Italian Fitness Model and Bikini classes, winning them both. My body responded very well to the new weight training that Dr. Zanetti planned for me. In 2012 I then participated in the European NGA championship in France where I got a first place in the Bikini class and the same year in Florida I won the NGA Figure class Overall Amateur title. I moved to Figure because my muscles were very well defined and developed so I was ready to jump to the next class. My experience was great. The organization was excellent. The best place for an athlete to compete.


Well, you do have a good amount of muscle on your body. Have you considered remaining in the Figure division?

Well, after my 2012 class win in Florida I returned to Italy trying other organizations. I had to step backward and felt that the Figure level was too high. They are a little more muscular than me, but I am still considering the possibility if my body keeps growing the way it’s doing now.

What is the competition scene like in Italy?

2013 2 Torri Italian Open Gran Prix
2013 2 Torri Italian Open Gran Prix

It is nice, but not as much as in the US. We don’t have as many possibilities for shows and competition like in the US, but the market is growing thanks to promoters who propose new things and have good ideas and connections with the US.

You are actually from the Ukraine? What is it like there and what brought you to Italy?

Well when I was younger I never heard about these kinds of competitions. As I grew older and moved to Italy for work reasons, I saw that the Bodybuilding movement was growing. Now more competitions and athletes are even joining the Ukraine’s Federation. I heard that now there is a National championship in Kiev every year and I see athletes from my country coming to the same international shows that I attend. I feel happy for them and I wish it keeps growing.


What are some of your favorite things about competing and what are some things that you would like to see change in the sport?

The best thing is the friendships you gain with other athletes. You get to know different people and learn more things. The thing that I would like to see change especially here in Europe would be having more sponsors to help promoters and athletes. Competing is expensive and factories here are having a hard time to sponsor athletes and shows.


2013 2 Torri Italian Open Gran Prix

What are your remaining competition plans for the rest of the year?

The London WBFF show Bikini class.

What are your 2015 competition plans?

I don’t know yet. We will plan with my coach. The future depends on how I do in the next show. My coach Dr. Zanetti has always been supportive of me, not just in the preparation process, but also in life decisions. NMI

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