by Melissa Johnson

As the end of year draws near, it’s time to reflect and think about things. Did you set some goals this year? Did you accomplish those goals or did you fall short of them? Whatever they may be, like getting your Pro Card, winning a show, or even just looking the best you have ever looked. This not only goes for competing. Did you start a new chapter in your life such as a family, get a promotion or even suffer a loss? Whatever the case may be, how do you feel about the way things turned out? Most people, especially in our industry, are goal driven and strong people. But there are things that happen to us beyond our control sometimes. Those very things are what define us as individuals; how we handle them and if we overcome them or not.

Slide32If it’s in regards to competing, you should always strive to be YOUR best regardless. A placing or a trophy does not define you as an athlete. This sport is so subjective that you cannot depend on a judge to tell you whether or not you are first place worthy. We are all winners in everything we do and as long as we improve and grow, and give our all…..that in itself is priority. Take pride in knowing you pushed yourself to your limits and beyond! Have confidence that you did everything in your power to be your absolute best and with that attitude and mindset, you HAVE won and had a successful year on stage. If you took time off this year from competing, are you better than you were last year at this time? Do you have more muscle, better definition and are you stronger? Those are all things to think about. Taking time off is hard, but if you stay focused and driven you will not be disappointed with the outcome.

“Do you have more muscle, better definition and are you stronger?”

If you suffered some hardships this year, how did you deal with them or overcome them? Some people tend to blame others for their hard times….but if you really take a step back and look at the bigger picture, just look at it as a stepping stone to becoming a stronger person. There is a plan for all of us in life that I believe we have no control over, so why stress about it?!? Just live life, try to see the bigger picture, and realize that good things result from hard times and how we handle those situations.


In my opinion, it’s all about mindset and attitude. Positive thoughts only bring positive results. I hope you all had an amazing year and feel blessed in some sort of way no matter how big or small it may be. Trust and believe that good things are coming your way! No matter what you do, “Commit to be fit” in life, ON and OFF stage!! NMI



Melissa Johnson is a single mother, IFPA Natural Figure Pro, and has been competing for over ten years. She has a nutrition and training company, Custom Fitness by MJ, where she offers in-person and online coaching for weight loss and competition prep.

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