TARGET: Lower lats and inner back

[Latissimis Dorsi & Erector Spinae]

By Ben Yosef | ModelFigure Competitor Jennifer Smith

Photography: Ben Yosef

You can never have too much back. Well, almost never. ‎As many of you know, in order to increase affect, and efficiency, I often put special twists on standard movements.

While many of the experts and engineers who develop these muscle building contraptions should be commended for their inventions, these apparatuses  cannot account for every angle of the area of human musculature they are intended to target. For instance, what if a trainer has narrow clavicles? Or what if a bodybuilder is just too massive to sit comfortably in a machine? What if an athlete has long arms or short arms? Or, what if, with a few tweaks, you are able to feel, and connect with a movement much better?

The following are a few easy tweaks that I incorporate on the Hammer Strength seated row that will have your back feeling a deep, intense, incredible pump.


Picture2Adjust seat to its highest level.

[This will help to insure that the Lower lats and inner back are receiving most of the effect.]

Reach for the handle, thumbs wrapped around with the other fingers, tucking the wrist inward.

[Wrapping thumbs creates a hook, and eliminates some of the pull from the biceps. This will allow more of the back to come into play.]

[Tucking the wrist will cause the arm to naturally pull in closer to the side of your body. This will create a tighter, deeper contraction.]


Keeping the writs tucked, pull the handle back, while keeping your back arched and head up.

An arched back will cause the lower lats to meet the contraction quite nicely.


Keeping the head up will compliment the effect of the arched back.


As you pull back, keep the arm in close, and tight to the side of your body.


At the moment of contraction, arch the back a bit more, keeping the head up.

Do not bounce out of the contraction, and do not come to a full stop either. Think rolling stop at a stop sign. Keep it moving.

As you release into the negative portion of the rep, keep the tension in the lower lats, and come to a full stretch at the peak of the negative. Repeat for 10 to 12 reps.



Someone once said to me “Figure is won from the back” and that has since resonated with me. Your back defines your physique. It gives you that much sought after V-taper that can make you look huge. Building your back is essential when trying to build that hour glass shape.

An impressive physique is never complete without a set of wide lats and a thick back.” -Jennifer Smith




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