Age: 31.

Marital StatusMarried.

ChildrenYes! One 13 year old, Kendall Johnson.

Occupation: District manager for Game Stop, Asheville, NC – Over 17locations.

Competitor Status: I Competed with SNBF, earning my PRO card. I am currently with the WNBF, after earning my PRO status back in 2011. Depending on the class breakdown, I am usually a lightweight or short men class.

NATURALMAG_Issue_21_January_2014-EDITWhat comes to mind?

Natural Mag  Celebrating and rewarding recognition for NATURAL EXCELLENCE!”

Being Natural Respecting the gift that is my body, genetics, and physique that were god-given to me, and pushing my mental and physical limits by achieving GREATNESS with the tools I have!”

Taking Your Physique To The Stage “Bringing my BEST to the stage with a BIG SMILE and presenting myself with a UNIQUE edge that no one else on stage has!”

“I am self taught! I’ve never used a coach of any  kind and do NOT have a trainer. I typically like to train alone without partner of any sort. That’s just how I work best for some reason.”


2014 COMPETITION PLANS“I plan tohit the IFPA PRO Bowl in Richmond, VA come May, possibly the WNBF PRO American later that summer! Maybe Worlds in November.”


Competitive Highlights

2013 Tournament of Champions (WNBF PRO SHOW) – 3rd place LW PRO

2012 Tournament of Champions (WNBF PRO SHOW) – 2nd place LW PRO

2011 Natural Buckeye Classic – 1st place LW men and OVERALL WINNER. WNBF PRO card (OH)

2010 SNBF Georgia State – 1st place short men and OVERALL WINNER. Earned SNBF PRO card (GA)

2009 Carolina Supernatural – 3rd place Novice/Open (SC)

2007 OCB Tri-State – 3rd place Novice/Open (OH)

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