Interview by Ben Yosef

On September 14, 2013, Terri McBee’s two-year hiatus came to a screeching halt when she appeared on stage at Fred and Jan Rowlett’s IFPA Pro International. If there were any doubts as to Terri’s ability to bring it back, they were silenced. For all the Pro Figure title hopefuls, their victory celebrations would have to wait. Once again, the “Terri McBee Factor,” could not be matched.

In all categories and divisions of competition, we have seen brilliantly put together physiques. We have seen A+ quality stage presentation. But, rarely do we so both mesh so well by the same competitor. Terri McBee has only graced a pro stage seven times in her entire career, yielding six fist place wins and three Overall titles. In the process, McBee has proven that she is indeed, “The Total Package.”

Fresh off her Pro International win, she has no intentions of letting up. As I write this, Terri is just days away from the 2013 IFPA Yorton Cup, a title she won back in 2011. By the time this issue of Natural Mag hits your inbox, the Yorton will be history, and one woman will be left standing as the show’s prestigious Overall Figure Pro Champion. Will the victor be Terri McBee, for the second time in her short, yet illustrious career? I am not a betting man, but if I were, that’s where I would put my money.

bBen: Terri! You are my hero! It has been a long road for you but you made it back to the stage, and in stellar form. How are you feeling right now?

       “I am hoping to lean out a bit more come Yorton. I’ve got three weeks now, gotta kick it into high gear.

Terri: Awe. That’s sweet of you! I’m doing okay. I’ve been sick for about nine days now. I finally went to the doctor yesterday and got some antibiotics. I’m trying to get back to training like I need to, but still running a fever. Surely by tomorrow the meds will kick in. I am hoping to lean out a bit more come Yorton. I’ve got three weeks now, gotta kick it into high gear. My back is doing ok. It’s about the same. My left knee is jacked because of the back injury, so I’m dealing with that too. I’m just pushing along here.

Ben: I am sorry to hear that. Hopefully you are back to full speed this week. What happened to your knee?

Terri: I’m ok. It’s just another obstacle. I hate sounding like I’m complaining all the time. The Injury on right side of my back and sacrum makes my leg length off. My right leg gets elevated, therefore making my left leg a bit longer. So, when I walk or do any leg-specific training, more weight is on the left. This makes my left knee get too much pressure. I just have to see a chiropractor every week. Some weeks are worse than others. This week I saw a chiropractor twice. I’m doing what I can. I hate sounding like a cry baby. That’s not me. I don’t really complain much. Anyways. How are things in your world?

cBen: You are so well put together and carry yourself with such flawless grace, one would never guess that you were having any challenges at all. Are you fighting any pain while on stage? As for me, my prep starts tomorrow. I am planning my return to the stage after seven years away. [smiles]

Terri: Thank you, Ben. Yes. I have pain non stop. Everyday. I’ve just learned to deal with it and keep going. Return to the stage?! How exciting! When is your first competition?

Ben: Ha-ha, yep. I am aiming for April of 2014. I am super-excited about it. You mentioned wanting to come in leaner for the Yorton. Considering your physical challenges, what sort of cardio are you using to bring yourself in? Or will you depend more on dietary tweaks?

“Everything is tracked, weighed, and measured.”

Terri: I’m excited to see you back on stage! I have to be careful with cardio. I can’t do track workouts or HIIT or plyo stuff because of my injuries, so I depend mainly on my diet. I do cardio on equipment only and at a steady rate. Obviously I will come in leaner from just more weeks of dieting.

dBen: Wow, your diet must be super tight. Are you tracking your macros, or just going by “feel”?

Terri: Oh no. Everything is tracked, weighed, and measured.

Ben: So, what does an elite, undefeated, Yorton Cup-winning Figure competitor’s diet look like? Approximately what was your high-end, starting calorie count, and what will be the low-end?

Terri: I started with 2400 calories, and I am down to around 1100 right now, give or take. Changes come by how I’m looking.

Ben: Terri, by the time this interview comes out, the 2013 Yorton Cup will be history. Considering that you come back so brilliantly from your injury, your two-year recovery, and your Pro International victory, you are definitely the “people’s champ.” As a former Yorton Cup Overall Champion, you are the one to beat. Everyone is gunning for you. No pressure.

Terri: Ya right! No pressure! I don’t even know who all will be there to even know who will be my toughest competition. I’m guessing Andrea Jordan will be there. She came second to me in Kansas City so I’m sure she’s chomping at the bit.

eBen: Well, I personally know there are quite a few great Figure athletes who feel that they have a solid shot at the title. This will definitely be a show to remember. What are your final thoughts as you put the finishing touches on your 2013 Yorton Cup prep?

“I am just going to give it my all and smile and enjoy every minute.”

Terri: Final thoughts…I’ve done what I can! I’m just going to give it my all and smile and enjoy every minute. Just have some fun! I can’t wait to see some familiar faces, as well as meet some new competitors.


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